“Where did the time go?”

It’s been a bit longer between entries than I would have liked, but I have been incredibly busy with data analysis and report writing. “Where did the time go?” is a question I’ve been asking myself quite a bit lately. It’s also a question that came up during the data analysis.

When I returned from Jinja, one of my colleagues helped me code the data. We covered charts with notes and taped them to the walls of my shared office. We circled and labeled things. And with every day of analysis, we seemed to have more work to do. I was both amazed this had all happened in less than three months, but also terrified time had gone by so quickly!


Here is a summary of the findings from the report:

Research Objective Summarized Findings
Causes of Repetition and Dropout
  • Financial costs (exam fees, uniforms, scholastic materials, sanitary pads, etc.)
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of parental care/action
  • Pregnancy and early marriage
Perception towards gender and girls’ education
  • Majority is positive

Those that are negative tend to be negative toward education in general, not just for girls

Strategies to reduce repetition and dropout
  • Guidance/counseling
  • Increasing/allocating funds (as a goal strategy)

A minority stated using peer groups and outside stakeholders to address the community at large and also policy regulations

Effects of repetition on children’s learning and retention
  • Over-age, shame, congestion, lack of interest
  • It was suggested then that these effects could lead to dropout.
Policy awareness regarding gender and girls’ education in Uganda
  • Higher up officials have strong knowledge and awareness of policies while teachers and parents have less knowledge and awareness

I am still currently in the editing phase of the report. It has been a busy couple weeks but exciting as well. Thanks for still reading!

Also, I made this fantastic flow chart:

NEW chart for paper
If you want to know more about the color coding, you’ll have to wait for the final report!